Yes, you read that correctly.

You have an Energy Body. You might not know it, you might not be able to sense it, but you have it. It has been studied for thousands of years, albeit in a kind of superstitious or religious way.

From an energy perspective, everything that we experience in our lives begins in the Energy Body.

Your health, your finances, your relationships, your career - all start in the energy system.

Though you might think of working out your body. You might think of working out your mind. You might even think about taking care of yourself on the emotional level...

your probably haven't considered working out or caring for your Energy Body.

Energetic Mastery classes area workout for the entire energy system. We use gentle movements, focusing exercises and guided meditations to strengthen, organize and tone the bio-energy system.

Energetic Flexibility and Mastery

Where can I find this?

Currently I am teaching on Thursday evenings at Akasha Yoga of Santa Fe 703 Camino de la Familia UNIT 3102   Call (505) 577-4671

You can find out more on the studio schedule page at

Coming SOON! An online option - short lessons you can practice at home. Stay tuned....


Who will love this class:

  • Anyone interested in self-healing or energy healing
  • Men and women who want an alternative to strenuous yoga or dance, but who want the benefits of feeling energized and powerful
  • Clients recuperating from an injury
  • Healers and Yoga teacher/students who want to add a nourishing hour to their practice.

Download a brochure HERE