Brain Child Master Minds FAQ:

I thought a Master Mind was only for business people wanting to improve their businesses.

Not at all. Whatever project engages your heart and mind - from creating a garden to writing a book, to improving a relationship - any project will benefit from a Master Mind group. Master Minding is about receiving the support and encouragement - and yes, accountability partners - you need to see you through the natural resistance that comes up when we want to do something new or big.

Shouldn't everyone in a Master Mind group be working on similar goals?

Again, not at all. The more diverse the projects are, the more synergy we can create. Resistance is the same no matter what dream you are working towards. Our Brain Child Master Mind groups are not about giving and receiving specific advice, they are about blasting through whatever has prevented us from achieving our goals up until now.

I don't know the other people in my Master Mind group. How can I be sure I will like them and have a good experience with them?

I know this project is your baby and it's hard to trust that others will treat it with the same care and loving that you do. Brain Child Master Minds are structured so that the discussions and sharing are focused, and the participants fully embrace the intention to see and communicate from the highest and best within them. We'll be learning cutting edge Spiritual and Energy Psychology tools to communicate, give feedback to, and support each other. Each Master Mind group will be intimate, but focused on mutual support. 

Why do we have to pay for this? Can't we create this kind of thing on our own?

Like I said above, I have participated in Master Mind groups that have been powerful, and those that have fallen flat. Of course you can find a group of friends and create your own group. Many people do this and sometimes it works out really well for everyone. On the other hand, working through resistance can be a tricky business and it is very helpful to have an experienced facilitator to help keep the group focused and processing through feelings that arise, and other manifestations of resistance, in the most effective and powerful ways available. In order to do something you haven't done before, you need to become someone you haven't been before. Not everyone can help with this process, but a facilitator with experience in the kinds of tools we will be using in the Brain Child MM, is just what we all need to support us in this growth.

PLUS: a financial commitment is a meaningful way to create commitment when the going gets tough - and, if you are stretching into something new, the going is bound to get tough sometimes.

I feel like I want to do something, but I'm not completely clear about what my goals are. Is it too soon for me to join a Master Mind?

Au Contraire! It's the perfect time. The support and tools you will access in the Brain Child MM are ideal for clarifying intentions and dreaming bigger than you imagine right now.

How do I get started?

Email me at  Or, if you're nearby, attend a free info meeting.

Whatever your heartfelt project or dream is DON'T TRY TO DO IT ALONE! We were never meant to be isolated islands competing with each other. We are built to collaborate.

That being said, there are collaborations that are powerful and useful to everyone involved - and sadly - some that actually hold us back.

I have been involved with both kinds - so I know what works and what doesn't.

If you're serious about bringing your Brain Child to life remember:

In order to do something you haven't done before, you need to become someone you haven't been before.

Brain Child Master Mind


I have found it very helpful to head off any resistance that may come up by thinking through, in advance, how I am going to deal with it. The Support Container is what I use to effectively deal with procrastination and resistance.

Download your template for creating your personalized Support Container HERE.