Our Philosophy:

We believe that humans are born with infinite capabilities and with three main hungers: the yearning to expand and grow, the drive to connect with others, and the hunger to achieve mastery.

We move towards fulfillment in all three areas, but we are often held back by a lack of self-awareness, and by limiting beliefs that run as background music throughout our lives. All of Inward Journey products and services are geared towards supporting our clients in developing in all three areas.


About Inward Journey

Who We Are:

Sue has extensive experience as an educator, a visionary and a coach. She founded Inward Journey with a mission to support people in their Self-Realization. She has always found herself on some leading edge or another, homeschooling her children when it was still illegal, and teaching birthing and parenting practices that at the time, were unheard of (like husbands being labor coaches, and attachment parenting - Yikes!). She developed and co-founded an innovative charter school early in the charter school movement, and continues to work passionately with people from all walks of life, to help them step out of their limiting stories and step into overflow and authentic power and connection.

Sue believes that if we really think of ourselves as energy beings first, and physical/psychological beings only secondarily, we can tap into unlimited sources of energy that can heal our bodies, reverse aging, support relationships that are authentic and fulfilling, and basically become miracle workers in every aspect of life.  She refers to this mindset as a Sourcery mindset. You can read more about the development of these ideas in her blog: https://imaginesue.wordpress.com/