Author Sue Bryan

Sue is an educator, author, coach and acclaimed speaker. She has been studying people since childhood and is deeply interested in what makes people "tick."

She is excited to share with the world what she has discovered: that each one of us has the power to live a life of happiness - no matter what our circumstances - by strengthening our "happiness muscles" and paying attention to our thought habits.

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"Sue takes great joy in helping others to break through their limiting thoughts in order to become more self-aware and more importantly, better human beings."

Geoffrey Geddes


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Robyn Rhodes

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"Sue lives her words. The light that follows her through life is truly remarkable. Read this book, do the exercises, and I dare you not to smile."

In this compact e-book you will:

"The biggest secret to becoming and staying happy is to realize that happiness does not come from outside of us as we may have been led to believe."

  • Discover the 7 secrets that happy people know that inspire them to re-center themselves around happiness every single day.

  • Experience your own "happiness muscle" and learn to strengthen it.

  • Practice creating a happiness habit that will "kick in" and bring you back to your commitment to your own happiness - even when life is stressful.

  • Learn simple tools you can use every single hour of your life to create happiness inside.

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